PATRICIA BILOTTI | executive producer

I have spent the majority of my career traveling between New York and Los Angeles. Within these two cities, I have worked on several major brands, most notably - Nikon, Allergan, Verizon, Nike, Pepsi, Kia Motors, Target, Kohls, Budweiser, Dos XX- to name a few. For the past 14 years, since my company’s inception, I have had the privilege to lead some of the most talented and creative individuals in my role at PBNY, and the pleasure of working with such diverse talent as Smokey Robinson, Sigourney Weaver, Chris Hemsworth and even a cuddly Llama. I continuously take care of each project's foundational tasks such as estimating, negotiating, scheduling, cast directing and location managing. I am able to finds the right talented people to make the creative shine, and use all my experience, knowledge, friendships and connections to problem solve and to figure out creative solutions that might be needed at any point during the process.

Currently along with producing, I am now also delving into a more Project Managing role where I define project goals and then work together with my crew and clients to see how we can collectively exceed expectations. I manage content creation including photography, digital retouching, illustration, video shoots and experiential events; and resource vendors for all print or tactile projects.

My company continues to be based in both Los Angeles and New York, but we are available for remote work as well. I would happily consider work that required PBNY to be onset out of these areas, as we are familiar with several cities around the globe (San Francisco, Austin, Charleston, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Miami, The Florida Keys, Hawaiian Islands, Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico City, Cabo, Rome, Madrid, London). When I am working locally, I love staying home and spending my evenings with my 3 year old son, Nova.

I look forward to us working together.


JENN PIOVAN | line producer

11 years ago, Jenn and I were introduced and it quickly became apparent that her skill set was noticeably above par. I learned that her previous experience included working at NBC’s Current Programming Department and Associate Producer for one of LA’s top commercial directors. In no time, I asked if she wanted to dip her toes a little deeper into the photography side of the advertising industry. With her keen capabilities, she is able to strategically orchestrate the logistical puzzles that will undoubtedly arise throughout any shoot, making quick decisions that lead to seamless outcomes, whether they are massive or minuscule. She is able to manage and inform the crews of any and all relevant information with determined direction, all while keeping the lighter side of life in plain view. Her diligence and attention to detail result in some of the most well organized productions that can be achieved. 

Together, she and I have taken great pleasure in helping people reach exceptional creative results. And these days, not only are we able to call each other well suited colleagues, but also dear friends.

When she isn’t working on a project, she is enjoying life with her husband and 3 year old daughter, Francesca.